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Mark and Ivy 

Through our varied experiences of working with families, marriages, children, youth, women, health, relationships and finances, we have been able to help hundreds of people identify and discover the unique greatness that they are carrying.


Life is a whole lot better when you know who you are and what you are carrying.

We're absolutely passionate about helping people realise the unique greatness that they are carrying. Now you may be reading this and thinking, “Greatness? I can barely pull myself together long enough as it is…”

“Well, the exciting news is that you don’t have to be great… you are GREAT”


Don't life life by



We love taking pople along a journey of discovery, enlightenment and empowerment as they explore the gems, gifts and talents already present on the inside. Why is this important? Because you my friend have an imprint, a life message and call that can and will change the world around you.

​Have you have felt that although you were living your life, that there was a sense of

“There must be more to life than this?”

​Maybe you were like us, we thought that we'd get an education, build a career and bank account and somehow save the entire world. Or maybe you were like us and achieved all that you originally set out to do only to be confronted with a huge gaping hole of dissatisfaction and confusion.

As many of us have done, we took this time as a signal that we must be in the season where we must have children, building that dream house and getting away for exotic holidays . . . hoping that that would bring me the fulfillment and purpose that I was so desperately seeking . . . only to realise that it was not.

​Along our life journey we have been privileged enough to join the dots and see the bigger picture . . . and in doing so, know contentment and satisfaction from living my life purpose and on purpose. 

No more waiting for dreams to drop out of the sky. No more waiting for energy and circumstances to change. No more waiting for permission to ‘be’.


Here’s the truth:

If we as stop and have a good, hard, long look at what we bring to the world each and every day, we would simply be blown away. When was the last time you intentionally stopped and took the time to treat yourself to some much deserved TLC and self care?


Today’s the day.

I’m ready to begin this journey with you.

Join us. . . because there is more.